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Stardom distracts him from his real work, the rewarding job of catching a pair of diamond thieves and putting behind bars a sleazy photographer involved in child pornography. Rough vds.

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Jon and Ponch are involved when the woman who owns the targeted company receives violent threats from the gangsters trying to put her out of work. Various CHP officers encounter a mysterious female doctor who treats accident victims, then disappears before anyone gets her details. Meanwhile, Ponch is still looking for his skater but can't find him. A sophisticated ring of thieves drives away Rolls Royces in broad daylight; and Ponch receives tickets to take part on his favorite game show, "Name Your Price" a clone of The Price Is Right where he hopes to win fame and fortune - but in the meantime, he makes the local press when he's surrounded by chickens.

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Wet vds. Jon takes pity on a lonely young boy who causes a road accident by firing on cars with an air gun near an expressway, and tries to play father sxnford the young lad. A secret LAPD unit is dedicated to the preservation of human life using martial arts. Larry Alexander.

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A pair of thieves are renting tractor units and stealing packed trailers from loading bays. Naughty vds. The officers apprehend a repossession man who has been stealing cars. Central Sanfod has to be quarantined after a boy is brought in suffering from a mysterious disease.

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Jon and Ponch investigate a scam deed to skim profits from auction sales of rare antique motor cars. Ponch and Bobby try to catch a gang of bikers selling dangerous weapons on the black market.

The leader of the gang challenges Steve's older brother to sanfordd final showdown to win the title of King of the Indy. Guest appearance by Milton Berle. A rival tries to take out a trucking company by any means necessary. A variety of situations to deal with gives Sergeant Getrear, Ponch and Jon a headache - a pair of bandits rip off wealthy targets while they're stopped at local toll booths, and Jon and Ponch face the tearful problem of a load of spilled and crushed onions at the harbor.

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Guest appearance by Phyllis Diller. A group of wild kids and some would-be nude miidget ruin the CHiPs crew's outing at Grossman's beach house. Ponch and Bobby help a rock star who claims that attempts have been made on his life. Jon and Ponch help organize the annual CHP fund-raising roller discoand Jon and Getraer ride together while Ponch is busy hunting down stars for the event. Milf vds.

Getraer, for no reason whatsoever, snaps at his fellow officers throughout the day. This episode marks the first time that Officer Barry "Bear" Baricza is seen drawing his service weapon against the criminals.

Jon and Ponch get royal treatment from a speed-crazy young prince, and are frustrated by the diplomatic immunity that is protecting the reckless driver. Public vds.

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While Ponch esckrt Jon resolve a confrontation at a gas station, Grossie and Sergeant Getraer come across an accident caused by an oil truck. Preparing for a UniCar competition, Ponch and Jon pursue a family in a camper van that is causing accidents to claim insurance money.

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The father of a hit-and-run victim is determined to catch the driver responsible, with or without the help of the CHP. And an unscrupulous collection agent tries to destory Ponch and Jon's credit rating after they prevent him from harassing private citizens. Fresh plantings stolen from the highways near the command post nearly drive Getraer to distraction; a pair of psychic twins foretell gloom and doom in Ponch's immediate future.

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Female patrolwomen Mitchell and Woods find themselves on the trail of a murder suspect. Jon has his hands full with an impressionable teenage girl who has run away from home - to his house, and Ponch tries to get out midyet going up in a police helicopter on air patrol, but when he is unable to shirk duty must finally try to overcome his fear of flying.

Jon lets troubled popstar Jimmy Tyler Leif Garrett stay at his mieget.

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Officers Jon and Ponch request a change of scenery from the traffic hassles of the California highways and sanfodr temporarily transferred to beach patrol in the surf paradise of Malibu, but don't have much time to soak up the sun and glamour when they immediately become involved in a beach-buggy stealing syndicate. Getraer injures his eye in a motorcycle accident and ends up in the hospital. Jon and Ponch head a committee organising the annual police HQ open house, but are harassed by five Alpha Omega college fraternity brothers who seek revenge on the CHP after being arrested on drug charges following a raid.

A psychiatrist ing the Accident Investigation Team fears that she may have been responsible for a serious high-speed collision that the CHP is currently trying to recreate in an investigation.

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It is not long before the CHP again deals with Billy and the gang. Guest appearance by Richard Deacon. And Jon and Ponch sqnford to deal with a boa constrictor in an illegally parked car. Hijackers use a hi-tech device to steal bearer bonds.

When a young boy witnesses an accident resulting from a feud with a rival drug syndicates recklessly driving along a mountain road, Jon and Ponch track the desperate drug team during a series of high-speed chases in an effort to capture the culprits before they become victims of their own greed or sanfrod injury to others - with little cooperation from the boy, who is using his jinx spells to scare people away.

Other officers try to get Getraer in on a celebration of Jon and Ponch 's fourth anniversary as partners. Reports of a phantom tiger puzzle the pair; An employee of a poorly maintained animal park is blamed for the escape but does not notify the police early on. Jon and Ponch enter sanfkrd desert off-road race, unaware that a pair of syndicate thugs are using the race as a cover to retrieve a cache of stolen coins.

And an unscrupulous collection agent tries to destory Ponch and Jon's credit rating after they prevent him from harassing private citizens.