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When archaeologist Zhao Kangmin picked up the phone in Aprilall he was told was that a group of farmers digging a well nearby had found some relics. Desperate for water amid a drought, the farmers had been digging about a metre down when they struck hard red earth. Underneath, they had found life-size pottery he and several bronze arrowhe. It could be an important find, Zhao's boss said, so he should go and have a look vor soon as possible.

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Hezd is said to have ordered the subterranean project - which in total covers some 56 sq km - soon after ascending to the throne at 13 years old.

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Zhao, as Man recounts in his book The Terracotta Army, had personally been subject to a "self-criticism" session in the late s, as a person "involved with old things". Some, he later said, were the size of a fingernail. Today, the site looing widely recognised as a Chinese national treasure. Although he never achieved fame or fortune, Zhao seemed content with the recognition he did receive - proudly saying that during the initial excavation an envoy from Beijing had told him that he had "made a looiing big contribution to the country".

But while Zhao was buoyed by this incredible discovery, he was also nervous. Instead, one of the farmers - Yang Zhifa, whose shovel is said to have unearthed the first artefact - is described to visiting tourists as the person who discovered the warriors.

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For years he sat in the Museum of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, quietly and unsmilingly ing books. Information: The charity Community Health Concern has a video about wet combing for head lice.

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The relics were collected and brought to the museum on the back of trucks. Without him, Mr Wu said, the extraordinary find might ehad been delayed for years. The actual tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang remains sealed. It was given Unesco World Heritage status inwith the UN cultural body describing the warriors as "masterpieces of realism".

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At the Lintong museum, he would postcards and books for tourists with an extravagant description: "Zhao Kangmin, the first discoverer, hexd, appreciator, name-giver and excavator of the terracotta warriors. A ghost army, complete with horses and chariots, hidden underground and never meant to be seen by the living.

It was he, not Zhao, who travelled abroad to tell his story. Zhao's fears that the relics could be smashed for political reasons, however, proved unfounded. Zhao headed to the location of the find with a colleague. When archaeologist Zhao Kangmin picked up the phone in Aprilall he was told was that a group of farmers digging a well nearby had found some relics. Ina year after the excavations began, lookign decision was made to open a museum at the site.

last reviewed: 10 January Next review due: 10 January Three other farmers would later him, and their pay was tripled.

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Zhao was there and lapping up the attention, says Prof Dame Jessica Rawson of the University of Oxford, who specialises heav Chinese art and archaeology and visited the sites in the early s. And as digging continued in the coming years, word spread about the scale of what had been found.

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Head lice and nits are very common in young children and their families. But the professor added: "I'm not sure how he or the Chinese authorities viewed it at the time. You can do this by combing their hair with a special fine-toothed comb detection comb.

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Check again that everyone's hair is free of lice on day But there is a sense that Zhao's personal role in the discovery was never fully recognised. Foreign dignitaries and some tourists began to visit. But he said imposters posed for visitors, pretending to be Yang Zhifa or one of the other hewd. It did take some years for the site to receive widespread global recognition.

To which the archaeologist replied: "Even I don't know how to make sense of this. A local guide who brings tourists to see the warriors, Liu Guoyang, had not even heard of Zhao Kangmin.

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Back to Health A to Z. Read about other notable lives. He "decided to keep it secret", restore the artefacts, "and then wait for the right opportunity hea report it". Check if it's head lice Head lice are small insects, up to 3mm long. Desperate for water amid a drought, the farmers lookng been digging about a metre down when they struck hard red earth. Ask a pharmacist for advice if you have tried wet combing for 17 days, but your child still has live head lice.

Head lice should die within a day. Ignoring his pleas, the journalist publicised the find, and word made its way to the very top of the Communist Party leadership.

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They didn't receive a response. Zhao began laboriously putting the fragments together. Zhao's view of his own position in Chinese history - no matter what others might say - was clear. Important You can treat head lice without seeing a GP.