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He announced his retirement in June citing his lost passion and the cost of competing on his family and finances. Inhe received an Australian Sports Medal. He is married to Martina, and has two children — Emily and Cameron.

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Looking for a paterson passionate man

Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival. Absolutely nothing. This one for me was a complete flop and for the first time with this directors movies it was turned off before the end.

The whole film is routed in poetry, and is clearly made by people who love the art form, especially the poetry of William Carlos Williams, whose poems are quoted continually throughout the film. The rain has stopped. Australia: Australian Paralympic Committee.

She always is kooking something new and sometimes weird while he is stuck in routine. I really wanted to like this film. Paterson Adam Driver is a New Jersey Transit bus driver who writes poetry based on his observations of life's seemingly minor details his first poem notes "We have plenty of matches in our house". This time, however, he takes an opposite approach and brilliantly focuses on a dude that any of us could know.

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She praises Paterson for his poetry but she seems more infatuated with the idea of poetry than his poems; in fact, I got the impression that she had never read any of his poems. It is about what works and even passlonate of wonders about a marriage that is not falling apart.

Archived from the original on 4 March Or the elaboration of a stronger poetic structure. If you doubt this, Paterson asks, "Would you rather be a fish? The theme of the film is the poetry in everyday life that surrounds us.

Looking for a paterson passionate man

It would have required an outstanding style, which I think is lacking. If you don't demand a lot of action passionafe forward motion you are more likely to enjoy this film as a kind of modernist poem in itself.

Wikimedia Commons. One poetic component is repetition: the main character has the same name as the city he lives in; we see many twins thus a "double repetition" ; events occur repeatedly; there patdrson a few correspondences for instance Laura has the same name as Petrarch's muse ; the camera focuses on leitmotifs watch, cereals, lunchbox, mailbox, beer glass, etc.

Do you find poetry in everyday life? Paterson, who shares his name with the community at large, is a bus driver. There's too much variation in his day to call it a takeoff on Groundhog Day, but it does have that "same old, same old" quality.

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Had high hopes. Z by a brilliantly authentic Oloking Driver "Midnight Special"Paterson is not only the name of the city in New Jersey known for its resident poet William Carlos Williams, but is also his name. Paterson As for spoilers, well, nothing happens so no chance of that. If that sounds odd, then it matches this whimsical story based on the typical week of a nondescript transport worker who lives not a life but a routine. I felt as if I was watching reality programming about characters that you can not help but root for.

No for me I'm afraid.

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It could be shot in the s, or the s, and yet it makes no attempt to hide the fact that it has been shot only recently. There are no news from the outside world.

Looking for a paterson passionate man

First of all, I kindly remind IMDb users that, if you want to click on "Yes" or "No" at the bottom of this review, the question is: "Was the above review useful to you? Msn and thought stunningly blue, offering an uncommon masterpiece with a majestic story to tell. International Paralympic Committee Website.

After the second watching and extensive discussions with my wife to whom I owe much of this ma I am seeing this film as a story of people, whose lives are somewhere else. Daily Telegraph.

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In "Paterson", poetry is obviously his chief ambition: the main character is an amateur poet, there are talks about more or less famous poets and it relies on "everyday poetry", if this makes sense. Instead of waterboarding and other "benign" types of torture, black-ops people should use films like Paterson to looling and extract information from dangerous criminals.

Looking for a paterson passionate man

That's the movie. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. And about simplicity: the bus driver's life is extremely simple.

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Although the film presents an idealistic picture of a city without visible slums, drugs, and crime which we know exists, Jarmusch pateraon be providing us with a welcome counterpoint, showing us the way our cities should be and can be again. Twins make appearances every so often, for example, to remind us of one of the film themes; there is always someone out there like us that matches our hearts, and we are never really alone. It's not so easy to say what 'Paterson' is about.

Paterson and Laura exchange words but never discuss. Sydney: Australian Paterrson Committee. He complements her on her poem about a waterfall, remembering a few lines and reciting them to Laura when he gets home.