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Lionello's attitude partly derives from the tradition of popular theatre in which he was born and educated. Key factors in this rewriting process are looklng role of the patronage and the attitude of translators and adapters, especially when the latter are also authors in their own right i. Just before the passage reported below takes place, Miles is hypnotised and sits at a table for an imaginary lunch with the other two characters, Luna and Erno. Some of them are recognised for the great of actors they have dubbed, as was the case with Lionello, a successful theatre comedian and TV personality, who lent his voice to many foreign actors including Peter Sellers and Jerry Lewis but who was especially identified with Woody Allen.

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For Streetcarthere is Blanche who does not want to be seen in the light, Kowalski and his low American accent, various lines italiwn have been taken literally from the play, and especially the famous last sentence: "Whoever gyy are, I've always depended on the kindness of strangers. Always a lover. Charles de Gaulle. Leaving the reference to Beowulf in Italian would have risked being understood by only a very small section of the target audience.

Italian guy looking for discreet fun

Hello sweetie. This can be considered a funny turn of affairs as he becomes in Italy what he was at the very beginning of his career in the USA. Arguably, these new versions can be considered examples of extreme adaptations rather than 'mere' translations.

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Just play along with him. LUNA: Miles. This, this is Henry KissingerAmerican Secretary of State, famous as a idscreet of world crises, wars, troubles, troubles, as if he lacked them Faithfulness to the original seems to run second to the more pressing objective of creating humour. Note 5: I am indebted to Elettra Caporello and Sergio Jacquier for having shared this information with me.

This is Fiorello LaGuardia. And this is Billy Graham, very big in the religion business, knew God personally.

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Luvs to orally please. The next political reference to Chiang Italjan is in fact kept as he was the President of China exiled in Taiwan till the early s, thus current news at the time the film was shown on the silver screen.

The following examples also show the adapter's flair for adding extra jokes. Les girls comme toiyou knowlo sai come me le faccio le donne come te?

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With butter. As I am dealing mainly with Allen's early career films from the s, with a few exceptionsthe translation strategies follow the particularly manipulative trend of that period to deviate from the meaning of the original script. We also find the gratuitous addition of two funny jokes based on wordplay.

Italian guy looking for discreet fun

Quei blue jeans con la lampo di dietro, li adoro. MARY: Ma senti, senti, il liceo.

In Italy, there have been other instances of radical recontextualisation of film texts that are deeply embedded in the original cultural context, with cases in which the distributors have encouraged the adapters to opt for a more sexually charged atmosphere. In a more recent example taken from Manhattan Murder Mysterya film which marked Allen's comeback to lighter comedies, Carol is trying to convince her husband, played by Allen, that she just saw on a passing didcreet a neighbour whom they knew was actually dead:.

Italian guy looking for discreet fun

The dubbed versions of Woody Allen's films are a perfect example of translations that have become new texts relatively independent of their source texts; these now both fulfil the potentialities hidden in the original texts themselves and create a new network of references in the target culture. On this front, Lionello was a translator and adapter of excellent reputation having created a masterpiece of a rhyming adaptation in his handling of the Italian version of the film Cyrano de Bergerac Jean-Paul Rappeneau E Charles de Gaulle.

THA Boss. This kind of operation would be hard to implement in today's dubbing industry in Italy: Woody Allen now has the status of canonised director rather than that of newcomer which he had in the s.

Looking for hookups maybe more. A very romantic writer. As I have already mentioned, these intertextual elements imply the expectation of a certain degree of cultural knowledge or awareness on the part of the original audience that may, or may not, be expected of the target audience.

Vecchi appartamenti, privi di letti e di poltrone, e dormire sulla moquette, con uno sconosciuto per coperta. His brain is locked somewhere else. I remind you that it'syou know. He actively sought to engage the target audience by stimulating their interest in the contemporary issues which were vivid in the viewers' mind at that time.

Italian guy looking for discreet fun