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In examining the role of the artist in the Ancient World we have to understand the influence of slavery because:. It provided a more or less permanent supply of low cost labor, and it tended to discourage technological ptaron — hence changes in the arts and crafts occurred very slowly. Slavery allowed small classes of free citizens to enjoy leisure time, social pleasure, the delights of contemplation and political debate — anything but manual labor.

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As epitomized by Watteau, Rococo paintings depict all the following except. Rococo art eschewed the ordered, linear style of classicism in favor of. Question 64 Which characteristics of earlier artistic styles declined in importance with the Rococo? Question 37 Which of the following artists pstron the art of Rubens?

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Women were encouraged to enter the workforce. The narrative details of the story are misleading.

Artist seeking real patron

Which of the following types of images became increasingly popular in the Baroque period? Question 14 Which of the following artists did not create Counter-Reformation art? Women are evil temptresses to be feared by self-respecting rea.

The Catholic Church became an even more important cultural force in the face of new challenges. It is a scene derived directly from theater.

Artist seeking real patron

Compositionally, the Rococo is defined by. Rise of the artist depended on a of non-aesthetic factors.

Artist seeking real patron

It depicts a sexual story, drawing aetist the personal writings of Saint Theresa. Question 27 In which of the following media did Rembrandt not work? As epitomized in the work of Caravaggio, many of the human figures in Baroque religious paintings differ from Renaissance human figures in which important way?

Choose one answer. Spanish sculpture eschewed realism in favor of idealized, ephemeral beauty.

Artist seeking real patron

Which Neoclassical figure is considered the first art historian? Neoclassical art in France pitted itself against. Which artist established the Royal Academy in England in ? Rules to prevent the loss to prevent the loss of what is most precious to the Romantic Artist:.

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Question 26 In which culture was still-life painting most prolific? Question 90 Neoclassical art in France pitted itself against Choose one answer. The connection between Bohemianism and Romanticism —. Question 67 Canaletto was famous for his Choose one answer. They are suffused with a greater sense of otherworldliness.

Artist looking for real patron

San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. Question 57 As epitomized by Watteau, Rococo paintings depict all the following except Choose one answer. Frans Hals is most celebrated for his contributions to. The profile portrait evoked the classical past.

Artist seeking real patron

Question 5. Question 8. Question 36 Which of the following artists did not draw inspiration from Italian art and artists? Question 98 Which of the following statements about Angelica Kauffman is most accurate? Spanish sculpture was inferior to Italian sculpture.

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It had a powerful middle class. She became famous only after her death and was unable to succeed as an artist during her lifetime. Question 73 Thomas Gainsborough almost always incorporated what other genre into his portraits? Il Gesu.

Artist seeking real patron

Tries to make fundamental changes through direct attack of the persons, legal situation and social institutions that support the status quo. Question 54 Which of the following Baroque artists is known for his or her highly organized and legible compositions? Artizt was a very successful in her day, even gaining membership at the Royal Academy.